In August 2023, Palaty gallery team set off on another expedition, choosing Kuban, the home region of gallery founder Julia Loboyko, as the destination. During the trip, new authors were found and unique objects were collected, which formed the basis for the creation of an exhibition at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts.

The most tourist-visited region of Russia remains a mystery to this day. Little is known about its history, culture and traditions. An important mission for us was to find the surviving cultural links to the past and to see the heritage in the context of modernity.

In a fortnight we travelled along the route Sochi - Novorossiysk - Krasnodar with numerous intermediate stops. We got to know the authors and craftsmen, learnt a lot about local materials and gathered a unique collection of objects bearing echoes of Kuban life and culture. This collection formed the basis of the exhibition "Palaty. Kuban", where we have tried to convey the modern atmosphere of Kuban not only through objects, but also through light, sound and even smell.

You can learn more about the authors, places and culture of Kuban from our documentary film about the expedition.
documentary film about the expedition.