An exhibition of handmade objects dedicated to the transitional states in which each of us finds ourselves from time to time was held.

A joint project of the MIRA Centre and the gallery "Palaty" from St. Petersburg.

The exhibition displayed works by the authors of "Palaty" created especially for the project: mosaics by Olga Malygina, openwork weaving by Ekaterina Gromtseva, textile panels by Natalia Kosovets and Victoria Dego, porcelain sculptures by Kira Kostina and felt installations by Milana Khalilova.

The artists explored the theme of liminality (limen means "threshold" in Latin) with the help of manual labour. All objects of functional design are created in solitude, and it is an attempt to experience the transitional state between seasons. The exhibition showed "threshold" states of uncertainty and renewal through traditional techniques and materials.